What is PAC?

The PAC, or Parent Association Committee, is a voluntary organization comprised of parents, grandparents, and other closely involved family members of Knox Nursery School children.

Who is PAC?

PAC is run by elected parent representatives. Officer positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Any and all parents or grandparents are members of PAC and are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in meetings and/or events.

What does PAC do?

The primary goal of PAC is to support, enhance, and enrich our children's educational experience at Knox Nursery School. PAC engages in a variety of fundraising throughout the year in order to sponsor fun and meaningful events, some of which are long-standing traditions. Below is a list of fundraisers and events that PAC has held in the past. PAC meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Fireside Room. Pizza and childcare are provided.

Why be involved in PAC?

The list goes on and on!

• Support your child's early education and overall development

• Bond with your child and show him/her that what s/he does in and out of school is important

• Be in the know and have a say in what happens here

• Share your ideas, skills, and resources

• Fellowship

• Get to know the families of your child's friends

• Prepare yourself for ongoing parental involvement throughout your child's school career

• Check off those volunteer hours required by the school


 Volunteering at Knox School is mandatory. It is a wonderful way to support our children’s learning, and our parent/school relationships.  When parents and teachers act as a team, everyone benefits.   You must show proof of a negative TB test within the current year. To provide our children with the best education and environment possible, parents are expected to be involved throughout the year. To accommodate your schedules and expertise, there are many different opportunities to fulfill this requirement. Volunteer hours are earned through parent or grandparent participation only. Opportunities such as fundraisers, field trips, parent lead demonstrations for the children, attending Parent Association Committee (PAC) meetings and participating on PAC committees count towards your volunteer hours.

 Mandatory Volunteer Hours. The volunteer requirement is:

· 20 hours per year (September-August) for two-parent families or their grandparents.

· 15 hours per year (September-August) for single parents; and their grandparents.

Families are expected to volunteer at least 50% of their hours on any labor-intensive activity/event of their choice.